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ARO (pronounced ‘arrow’) is the current project from Aimée Osbourne, a London-born, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter. The daughter of the Osbourne’s (who opted out of the reality TV circus at a young age), has already made a name for herself by self-releasing two critically acclaimed original songs and videos which received over two million hits on youtube. 


“I got to a point where I was ready to let go of the never ending artists pursuit for perfection. There was so much uncertainty about how I would be received. I had worked hard to maintain my artistic integrity and treasured a sense of freedom I felt from a certain amount of anonymity. I eventually came to a crossroads; what is any creative endeavor if it can’t be shared. I believe humans connect through creativity. If what I do touches or inspires just one person, then the risk is worth it. I have been overwhelmed with how well my music has been received so far and can’t wait to continue to share more . I have grown so much as a singer and songwriter through this album and was fortunate to collaborate with incredible artists I look up to.”              

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